Carpet Removal

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Pile of carpeting and carpet padding. Mike and Dad's Hauling provides quality carpet removal and carpet disposal services in Salem OR.

Are you having your old carpet replaced? Thinking of installing wood floors instead? You shouldn’t have to stress over what you’re going to do with your old carpet and padding. They’re a hassle and take up valuable space! Fortunately, Mike & Dad’s Hauling is here to help! We take care of all of your junk disposal, including carpets! You simply contact us and let us know what you want hauled away, and that’s it! We do all of the work– you don’t even have to lift a single finger. So contact us today or fill out our online form to get your free carpet disposal estimate!

How to Remove Carpet – DIY

  1. Remove furniture from your carpeting and cover nearby furniture to help prevent them from getting dusty and damaged.
  2. Start at one corner of your room and try to pull back the carpet. If the carpet doesn’t want to come up, cut out a small square in one corner using a utility knife. This should make it easier for you to pull out your carpet now. Just be careful with those carpet tack strips!
  3. Next, it’s time to remove the carpet padding. Carpet padding is generally already cut in sections, so all you have to do is pull it back as you did with the carpet.
  4. After removing the carpet and padding, you’ll want to remove all of the staples in your floor.

Experts in Carpet Disposal

People often think carpet removal is a quick and easy project, however, it’s anything but that. It can also be a dirty job, depending on how old your carpet is. Old carpets can be extremely dirty. Think about all of the dust, dirt, old skin cells, and other debris that has made its way down to your carpet pad over the years.

You shouldn’t have to deal with that dirty carpet in your home or garage. Let Mike and Dad’s Hauling help! For over 30 years we have helped many Salem OR area residents get rid of remodeling debris, including carpet. If you’re in the middle of a remodel and need a helping hand, Mike & Dad’s Hauling is experienced at all facets of junk hauling, garbage removal, carpet disposal, and more.

Need other junk removal services with your project? Not a problem, we can take care of anything you need hauled away at the same time! Contact us today for your free carpet disposal estimate!

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