Old hot tub with leaves gathering. Hot Tub Removal Services in Salem OR by Mike & Dad's Hauling

Hot Tub Removal Service

Serving Salem, Keizer, Monmouth, Woodburn, Molalla, Canby, Wilsonville, and Newberg Oregon.

Mike & Dad’s Hauling is a Hot Tub Removal Company.  Do you have an old hot tub or spa that you’d like removed?  Mike & Dad’s Hauling has over 30 years experience in hot tub removal, serving the Salem Oregon metro area.  We have stellar reviews of our Hot Tub Removal Services and offer same day or next day services.

No matter where your old hot tub or spa is, we can get it removed and out of your hair.  We are a locally owned and family operated business with the expertise in hot tub removal services.  Our crews are uniformed and we are licensed and insured for your safety. Call us today for your free hot tub removal estimate!

Common Question Regarding Our Hot Tub Removal Services

Q – Can you remove a hot tub from a backyard?

A – Yes, depending on the size of the hot tub, the terrain and the distance from our truck. We may opt to cut the hot tub into pieces to make it easier to move.  This also eliminates any need to remove fencing or gates if the hot tub is in a secure area of your property.

Q – What do you do with the hot tub once it’s removed?

A – Mike & Dad’s Hauling is committed to helping and preserving our environment for future generations, as such we recycle everything we can.  Wood, plastic, and metal from the hot tub is recycled at one of Portland’s local recycling facilities.

Q – How much does it cost to have a hot tub removed?

A – There are many variables that we consider when removing a hot tub, i.e.: size of the hot tub, how easy will it be to remove (terrain), and will the hot tub need to be cut up.  Mike and Dad’s Hauling offers Free Estimates on hot tub removal, and generally with a few questions over the phone we can give you a pretty firm price on cost to haul away your old hot tub.

Q – Do you deliver hot tubs?

A – No unfortunately not.  Our trucks are set up to haul junk and garbage, as such we don’t offer any type of delivery service.

Q – I need my hot tub removed, but also have some other junk that I need hauled.  Can you do it all in the same trip?

A – Absolutely.  Our trucks pull trailers, so we have plenty of room for anything you need hauled away.

Q – How much notice do you need to remove my hot tub?

Most services we provide are same day or next day. Often, we can accommodate hot tub removals within these time frames.

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